God is doing it again!

    After bringing our son home from Korea, we were overjoyed by the experience, seeing God bring our family together. We wanted to do it again!
    I'm sure you may have wondered in the past 2 years, "When are Drew and Sarah going to adopt again?" We were asking the same question. We were anxious to adopt again almost immediately after bringing our son home. Over the last almost three years, God made it clear that we weren't supposed to start the adoption process yet. Even through the  Summer of 2013 we were pleading with God to allow us to adopt again. It was the same answer we have heard so often - Not yet.
    In the midst of our waiting, God spoke through the Bible. One of the most important verses was Isaiah 50:10-11. "Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of his servant? Let him who walks in darkness and has no light trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God. Behold, all who kindle a fire, who equip yourselves with burning torches! Walk by the light of your fire, and by the torches that you have kindled! This you have from my hand: you shall lie down in torment.”
    We wanted to rely on our God even when we walked in darkness, not know what was ahead or how God was going to continue to write our story. So, we didn't light our own torch and to head down a path we wanted. Instead, we waited . Now, that didn't mean we sat back passively and did nothing. We knew one day we would adopt again, so we have been preparing to receive whatever God had for us.
    Then, this Fall we received a phone call from a friend. She had been interacting with a woman who was pregnant and needed to make an adoption plan. Our friend asked us if we would be interested, to which we immediately replied yes! And so our second adoption journey has begun! Our baby girl will be born in early February!

    We are amazed by God's leading in each person, bringing us together to form His story for this precious baby's life.God was working all along. Even as the time approached for God's 'big reveal', He encourage us with passages like Psalm 112:4, "Light dawns in darkness for the upright; He is gracious, merciful and righteous,” and Psalm 94:11, "Light is sown for the righteous, and joy for the upright in heart."

    In all of this, we believe the wait has prepared us to run forward. "For they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31). We have been equipped to run and not grow weary, to walk and not faint. Please pray for us as we continue to journey forward in our second adoption process. Pray that we will completely rely on God's strength in each step we move forward keeping our eyes completely on Him alone.

    We are also asking for you to consider supporting this adoption financially!

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